Puzzle 1

26th October

18:45 UTC

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It all feels random, but it might not be.

Puzzle 1 Solution

Puzzle Preparation

To give you a better chance of solving this puzzle, we suggest that you look through some relevant background materials. For this particular puzzle, the topics of BLS signatures and Pedersen Hashes will be key.

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Puzzle Hints

Think about a pedersen hash of a 2-bit message space - 01 and 10. Can you deduce another hash? Are tools from linear algebra useful to find a pedersen hash on an arbitrary message without hashing directly? Can you also use the linear structure of BLS signatures on the signatures themselves?

Puzzle Winners

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You can see all of the scores for this puzzle in the spreadsheet here.

Puzzle Solution

The winner of the puzzle write up was submitted by MatanHamilis as part of a team submission from tom marvolo riddle. You can view the solution and puzzle write up here. The background material required to solve the puzzle is also covered in the write up.
There were many excellent solution submissions which are linked below:
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