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ZK Swaps

In Module 11, Henry de Valence chats with Brendan about Penumbra – a shielded, cross-chain network. This system is an example of zk in the wild, in this case in DeFi, and shows us the complexity and opportunity in a private swap paradigm. He describes the ZK Swaps example to illustrate how we can privately interact with a public state on-chain. 

What you’ll learn:

  • 2:00 – Definition of cross chain compatibility (IBC)
  • 11:11 – Sealed input batch swaps
  • 17:18 – Creating liquidity systems with DEX’s
  • 19:00 – Overview of Zcash style state law
  • 29:20 – Transaction structures
  • 37:30 – Fundamental requirements for on-chain interaction 
  • 41:24 – Moving to a “lock free design”
  • 42:57 – Example of submitting a swap

ZK Whiteboard Sessions is an educational series on all things zero knowledge. Produced by ZK Hack and powered by Polygon – we’ll be releasing a new module every week!

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