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PLONK and Custom Gates with Adrian Hamelink

In Module Five, Adrian Hamelink from Aztec introduces the concepts that make up the Plonk proving system as well as custom gates and other techniques which are commonly used to accelerate Plonk-based SNARKs. Using a toy circuit example, he comes up with a simple custom gate for decomposing large numbers into bits. We then explore how lookup tables make it easier to evaluate functions that were not designed for use within a circuit, as well as efficiently range-checking field elements.

What you will learn:

  • Designing circuits for PLONK basics
    Arithmetic circuits (1:36)
  • Differentiating between public and private inputs (2:30)
  • Organizing Arithmetic circuits into a Matrix (4:05)
  • Why we use custom gates (9:00)
  • Simple custom gates example (11:41)
  • Decomposing circuits into binary sets (20:19)
  • Accessing shifted elevations with lagrange interpretations (31:00)
  • Increase in proof size in shifted polynomials (34:00)
  • Ensuring all constraints are satisfied together (44:00)
  • Lookup tables (55:20)
  • Lookup protocol (58:34)

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