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In Module 14, Justin Drake, a researcher at Ethereum Foundation, and host Brendan Farmer take us through Nova – a new pre-processing step for SNARKs. Nova, when used with a general purpose SNARK system, provides the best of both worlds with fast prover times and cheap verifier times. They break down specific uses of Nova such as batching, and review some applications and examples of Nova.

What you’ll learn: 

  • 0:43 What is Nova 
  • 5:33 Application: VDFs (verifiable delay functions) 
  • 9:14 Application: zkEVM 
  • 14:59 Properties of Nova 
  • 27:50 Warm-up example of Nova
  • 32:49 Folding R1CS, relaxed R1CS
  • 46:00 Incrementally verifiable computation (IVC)
  • 53:37 Where to learn more & ongoing work
Watch: Bonus Interview with Justin Drake on 'What's Next in ZK Research at Ethereum Foundation'

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