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Introduction to zkRollups

In Module 9, Barry Whitehat, from the Ethereum Foundation, explores how we can scale ethereum by using a zkEVM rollup. He explores EVM compatible rollups and introduces ideas about state transition representation on Layer-1 blockchains, proof of validity and multiple client diversity. Additionally, he uses examples to illustrate the introduction of EIP-4844, which would increase the number of computations and allow for a rollup centric roadmap for ethereum.

What you’ll learn:

  • 0:30 – What is a ZK-rollup?
  • 6:50 – Smart Contract Actions with ZKPs and State Transition Representation 
  • 14:12 – L1 Security for Proof of Stake
  • 17:18 – Forced transactions
  • 23:31 – Difference in costs between L1 and L2
  • 35:40: Changes in definition of Sharding 
  • 37:11: How optimistic rollups work on Ethereum 
  • 40:05: Approach to make special ZKPs
  • 44:44 Changing from Ethereum storage
  • 51:48 – extcodesize

ZK Whiteboard Sessions is an educational series on all things zero knowledge. Produced by ZK Hack and powered by Polygon – we’ll be releasing a new module every week!

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