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Lookup Arguments for Performance Optimisation

In Module 6, Mary Maller and host Brendan Farmer dive into lookup arguments and other common techniques to make provers faster and less expensive. Mary is a ZK researcher from the Ethereum Foundation and a co-author on a number of breakthrough works in the field. In this module, she reviews vector commitments in the standard and Lagrange basis as well as the halo2 lookup argument, and wraps up the module by presenting her current team’s work on the Caulk lookup argument.

What you’ll learn:

  • Definition of Lookup Arguments (0:37)
  • Where we find Lookup Arguments (1:34)
  • Range proof (3:20)
  • Binary decompositions (5:29)
  • R1CN matrix (7:56)
  • Lookup Argument table (19:35)
  • Lagrange polynomials (24:55) 
  • Halo2 lookup argument (32:55)
  • Beating linear time restriction using Caulk (42:22)

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