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Multi-Asset Shielded Pool

 In this module, Joe Bebel of Anoma and Bobbin Threadbare break down single and multi-asset shielded pools. They discuss the pros and cons of each and explore how to do multi-asset value balance checks. Lastly, they review some applications beyond asset transfers that the multi-asset pool could enable.

What you’ll learn:

  • 2:47 Single-asset shielded pools
  • 6:43 Benefits and challenges of multi-asset shielded pools
  • 16:52 Multi-asset value balance checks
    • 19:03 Homomorphic value commitments
  • 32:50 Depositing assets to the pool
  • 37:46 Applications beyond asset transfers
    • 41:52 Implementing rewards in a shielded pool
  • 50:07 How NFTs are represented as asset types

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