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Fast Recursion with Plonky2

In Module 13, William Borgeaud and host Brendan Farmer, both from Polygon Zero, discuss Plonky2, the recent proving system they’ve developed based on PLONK with custom gates. The goal of Plonky2 is to build the fastest prover that is also able to do recursion. William explains what recursive proofs are and breaks down different approaches that other systems have used to achieve this. Finally, they look at the techniques used in Plonky2: FRI, TurboPlonk and the Goldilocks field.

What you’ll learn:

  • 0:00 What is Plonky2
  • 2:25 What are recursive proofs
  • 4:14 Prior approaches for recursion with pairings (MNT curves, Aztec)
  • 13:00 Prior approaches for recursion without pairings (inner product arguments, Halo, Plonky)
  • 19:57 Plonky2: the solution   
  • 23:28 Choosing a finite field: the Goldilocks field
  • 28:04 Arithmetization: TurboPLONK
  • 35:46 Batched polynomial commitment and FRI
  • 41:51 Example of a custom gate
  • 49:00 Starky (STARK prover)
  • 54:45 ZK-rollup with Plonky2 and Starky

ZK Whiteboard Sessions is an educational series on all things zero knowledge. Produced by ZK Hack and powered by Polygon – we’ll be releasing a new module every week!

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