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zkID with Oleksandr Brezhniev

 In Module 12, Oleksandr Brezhniev of Polygon ID and host Bobbin Threadbare discuss the types of ID from physical to digital, centralized to self-sovereign and how their work on Polygon’s zkID aims to build a system for decentralized identity. Oleksandr explains how the use of blockchain technology and ZK proofs can be used as a form of identity verification.

What you’ll learn:

  • 00:30 Evolution of identity types
  • 04:45 Pros and cons of identity types
  • 11:17 Triangle of Trust and the user experience with identity
  • 13:35 How zkID does this differently
  • 16:28 Integration with a blockchain
  • 18:37 Challenges of adding a blockchain
  • 20:05 Revoking claims
  • 21:25 Polygon zkID architecture
  • 26:25 Contract updating
  • 27:20 Example of how a user can use this system
  • 28:40 Management of various issuer’s identity states
  • 34:03 Private vs. public data
  • 37:22 ZK proofs
  • 47:37 Two ways to use the generated ZK proofs
  • 48:42 Future of Polygon ID

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