Puzzle 1

16th January

19:00 UTC

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Nullify me once, shame on you. Nullify me twice, shame on me.

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Puzzle Preparation

To give you a better chance of solving this puzzle, we suggest that you look through some relevant background materials.

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Puzzle Hints

1. See lemma 5.4.7 in the Zcash specs for Bob's reasoning on why to only use the x coordinate when storing the public keys

2. Note that the MNT curves are represented in Weierstrass from in the circuit, and use the fact that both (x,y) and (x,-y) are valid points for spending

3. Make sure you negate the y coordinate in the right scalar field, being the base field of MNT4

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Puzzle Solutions and Write-ups

The winner of the puzzle write-up was submitted by niooss-ledger. You can view the solution and puzzle write-up here. The background material required to solve the puzzle is also covered in the write up.
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