16th January 2024

17:45 UTC

Workshop host:

In this video, Anna Rose is joined by Nico Mohnblatt from Geometry Research. After telling the origin story behind his ZK Jargon Decoder, Nico answers the questions from Anna and from the ZK HACK IV audience to define, explain and compare some of the key concepts encountered in ZK.

Click the link for Nico Mohnblatt's slides: ZK Jargon Decoder Presentation

Video summary

In our first online session, Nico Mohnblatt from Geometry Research introduced the ZK Jargon Decoder, shedding light on some real struggles faced by most (if not all!) newcomers in the ZK space: the complexities of the terminology, for one, but also the fact that all these words specific to ZK are sometimes used in different ways. The ZK Jargon Decoder, initially developed as a personal reference but now available online, serves as a practical guide for those discovering the space. It offers informal explanations of ZK terms in “normal” English, to quickly grasp the concept behind the word rather than provide a perfect definition.

But before jumping into the ZK Jargon Decoder, Nico, a sometimes co-host of Anna's Zero Knowledge Podcast, first said a few words about Geometry Research. Although technically a new company, it's the same old research team some people might have known from Geometry – but they are now collaborating independently. As a separate structure, Geometry Research will still be working on open-source cryptography protocol design, implementation, and security analysis.

Anna and Nico first discussed some general ZK concepts, like “what does it means to prove”, “what are probabilistic and interactive proofs” or, of course, “what is a zero-knowledge proof”. They then went on and selected some of the many questions from the ZK Hack IV audience, spanning topics as diverse as NTT vs FFTs, polynomial IOP, commitments, or soundness. It was a perfect opportunity for Nico to delve into the intricacies of some cryptographic algorithms, for attendees with varying levels of expertise. The session not only provided valuable insights into ZK fundamentals but also fostered a vibrant exchange of ideas among participants, definitely putting ZK Hack IV on the right track!