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Inner Product Argument in Halo 2

In this module, Ying Tong, cryptographer and contributor to Ethereum Foundation, Electric Coin Company and 0xPARC, explores Halo 2 with host Brendan Farmer. They cover the Halo 2 polynomial commitment and atomic accumulation schemes, split accumulation and how this is used in Zcash. 

What you’ll learn:

  • 0:00 High level overview of Halo 2
  • 4:44 IPA – polynomial commitment scheme
    • 10:00 Strategy to shrink polynomials through the use of a challenge
    • 17:47 Terms of IPA opening proof & how we reached them 
    • 22:20 Expanded proof
    • 32:00 Remaining steps for the verifier
  • 39:00 Atomic accumulation scheme  
    • 42:38 How to update the accumulator 
    • 44:38 Accumulation verifier
    • 50:58 Accumulation decider
    • 51:50 IVC (incrementally verifiable computation) verifier
  • 53:22 Split accumulation 
  • 57:11 How this is used in Zcash

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